Atmosphere_box_alphaOmnipshere 2.0 from Spectrasonics looks to be possibly the coolest soft synth upgrade of all time. I’ve been a Spectrasonics fan since I was able to cobble together enough scratch to buy what I call the ooey gooey ambient machine called atmosphere back in 2003. I used it some to add lots of cool ambiance to music I was working on but I didn’t use it like I thought I would.

Then a few years later they released Omnipshere. I was blown away. Now I had a full 8 part multi-timbral softsynth powerhouse at my beck and call. There were effects racks, a powerful arpeggiator, and quite possibly more ways to modulate sources than I had seen in any other synth.

What excites me most about Omnisphere 2 is the ability to import your own sound sources. That’s huge. While there were plenty to choose from in Omnisphere there are now no limits. This means never having use a factory preset unless it’s from Spectrasonics because it’s awesome! Check out the video below as Eric Persing gives an overview of this amazing instrument.