Below are my personal coding projects with links to view them locally or on another appropriate service. There are also links to the github repository for each one.

2 Dice Baseball

2 Dice Baseball is my rendition of the classic baseball dice game. In this version, players roll two six-sided dice and record the outcomes, simulating a baseball game. For instance:

are thrown the result is a home run
results in a double
is a single, etc.

Language and Plans:
The project is currently implemented in JavaScript, but I have plans to rewrite it in PHP, Python, C, C#, and C++. Additionally, I aim to develop a front end using HTML, React, Vue, and Angular, with a Node.js backend connected to a NoSQL database for a comprehensive application.

Simulates entire baseball games.
Scores games at the push of a button.
Adjusts for extra innings.
Future plans include adding multiple teams, real player names and statistics, season simulation, and the option to play either by pushing buttons or witnessing the game unfold in real-time.

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HTML/JavaScript | Github Repo