“Electric Dream” is a probably best classified as experimental or avante-garde Electronic Music. Each sound used in the piece was designed on the Kawai-K5. I quickly discovered that the K5 excels at making harsh metallic sounds and I really gravitated to that by the time I learned the ins and outs or programming sounds on it. This piece of music represents a fairly disturbing dream a robot with a learning AI might have after spending time in the human world and learning of the atrocities that man is capable of committing.

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“War Machine” is another experimental piece this time with a visual component. I did this in college as an Electronic Music Composition major. For our senior project we had to do some kind of music with visuals. Most people did slide shows of abstract photography or shot video feedback by pointing a camera at a monitor. I decided to push the limit and do computer animation. It’s almost all 2D. By the time this piece came around I had thoroughly learned how to abuse the Ensoniq VFXsd. I actually spent most of the time in the computer labs scanning and processing photos and learning Autodesk Animator. This was 1993 and it was pretty cutting edge. I wrote the entire piece in 3 days before my jury.